“Resistance by definition is self-sabotage.” Steven Pressfield

Do you ever find that despite your best intentions you make little progress towards your goals before sliding back into old behaviours? Do you find yourself getting off track easily?

Perhaps you never finish that project, never have enough money, never get that career break, attract the ‘wrong’ relationships, or never quite reach your weight goals.

If you’re not moving steadily in the direction of your goals then you may be certain that you’re sabotaging your success.

I’ve certainly experienced this myself. Now, if I catch myself making feeble excuses I make sure I sit down and face my inner-saboteur!

Understanding our human tendency to sabotage ourselves is the first step towards freeing ourselves from these limiting patterns and internal tug of war.

Self-sabotage is self-defeating as it saps the energy and passion that we need to achieve the goals we set ourselves to move forward and create the life, career or relationships that we crave.

Here are some useful questions to challenge your inner-saboteur:

  •  How is your inner-saboteur operating in your life?
  •  Choose one area that you can see that you are sabotaging.
  • What do you get from not thriving in this area?

Is it that you get to feel safe where you are? That you get to protect yourself from being judged or criticised? Or even, that you get to be right about your own self-limiting beliefs?

  • What 3 specific things are you doing to sabotage yourself in this area? Be ruthlessly honest!

Perhaps you procrastinate, are always ‘too busy’ to go for your dream job, undersell your work or pick faults in your partner to stop you from intimately sharing your most vulnerable side?

  • What 3 things can you do to counter this behaviour? Challenge yourself.

These are your 3 new action steps for this week. Choose one and take action today.

Becoming aware is of when you are settling into a pattern of self-sabotage is the first step. Taking action is the key to transformation!


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