Elite course from Chloé Gold
I’m Chloé Gold, elite-level Business, Money Mindset, Feminine Leadership and Lifestyle coach.

If you’re a woman with BIG dreams and a desire to make a meaningful impact through your business, align with your next level of wealth and elevate your success to the next level, I’m here to help you achieve that.

No more settling for less than you deserve, downplaying your gifts and talents, playing small and watching your competitors (who aren’t half as good as you!) shine and take the spotlight, while you’re watching from the side-lines.

It’s time for YOU to standout and shine and become sought after in what do. I’m going to show you how to breakthrough!

As a results driven coach, I combine high-level coaching and mentoring, mindset and strategy customised to you and your business alongside deep transformational healing to remove subconscious blocks that keep you stuck at a plateau.

Many of my clients include female founders, investors, speakers, 6-7 figure business owners and creatives, and have transformed their lives, wealth and businesses by working with me one my 1:1 programmes or masterminds.

With over 12 years of experience and highly trained as a high-level ICF accredited advanced coach, practitioner in EFT (emotional freedom techniques), NLP (neuro-linguistic-programming) and Chakra Mastery, as well as certified in Sacred Money Archetypes coaching, I’ll help you transform your blocks into your biggest breakthroughs.

As a former journalist I learned many secrets to success interviewing 100s of renowned entrepreneurs, including Robert Kiyosaki, Deborah Meaden, James Caan, celebrities and CEOs of internationally renowned brands, which I weave into my signature coaching framework.

With a passion for personal growth, development and self-mastery, my mission is to help women tap into their true purpose, gifts and natural talents to build their business empires and leave a legacy that makes a difference in other peoples’ lives.

Having embarked on a profound journey of growth and transformation, I committed to my deep inner-work after hitting blocks in my life and business and left no stone unturned when it came to my healing, understanding and transforming the subconscious blocks that had held me back.

On my path I made many major life changes often starting over from scratch (leaving my journalist career to start a business, divorce and more) which awakened me spiritually, led me to align with my true purpose as a coach and learn how to co- create. I’m also a mother of two amazing daughters.