Sassy Start Up

Turn Your Passions into A Profitable Business

Coach for a Sassy Start Up

Create an irresistible signature programme that you love and attract the clients and business that you deserve!

Sassy Start-up is a 6-month business start-up programme designed to provide you with the nuts and bolts of what you need to set yourself up for success and get your start-up off the ground!

Getting your business off the ground can be one of the hardest parts, which is why I created this programme.

It can feel challenging as a solopreneur trying to figure it all out on your own.

With no one to reach out to, ask questions or guide us we can get stuck, lose motivation, feel overwhelmed, find ourselves going off track or round in circles.

Designed for a small number of solopreneurs, in Sassy Start-up you won’t feel lost in a large group and instead receive the coaching, support and attention that you need as you create your own unique signature offer and grow your start-up.

You’ll receive step-by-step business training modules on the essential pieces of building your business (the feminine way without the burnout) and how to create a signature programme that will help you launch and leverage your start-up success.

Creating my first signature programme revolutionised my business and set me up to create consistent income with much greater ease!

Over the years I’ve created many different programmes (my Signature Programme, VIP CEO Day, Self-Mastery to Success: Feminine Leadership programme, Money Mindset, Men Money and Miracles, Sassy Start-up and my 90-min Breakthrough Clarity Intensive) as well as different seasonal offers.

And I’ve sold ALL of them. Many times over.

Including a VIP Brand Immersion AMPLIFY (a collaboration with two other female founders) which sold out within two weeks.

Creating programmes that I love, that I know my clients will love, is one of my super powers and in this programme I’ll share my secrets how I’ve created, launched and successfully sold mine and I’ll help you create yours!

You’ll be part of a small collective of ambitious, heart-centred individuals on a similar path, so you’ll feel supported and celebrated every step of the way!

On the calls you’ll be able to ask me questions and receive 1:1 coaching and mentorship within the small group setting.

Ready to turn your passions into a profitable business?

We’ll start by getting crystal clear on your business vision, best business model for you, streamlined strategy and schedule in modules 1-4, so you know how to set yourself up for sustainable success.

In modules 5-8 we’ll be spending the most time tapping into your zone of genius and super powers, nailing your niche, the essential elements of creating and packaging an irresistible signature programme that you and your clients will love, including the price-points, positioning and your brand essence.

We’ll then work on your strategy to share your message through social media marketing and increase your visibility.

There are also some juicy BONUS modules to elevate your start-up to the next level including modules on creating your own masterclass to launch your signature programme and money mindset to own your value and charge confidently for your services!

If you’d like to find out more or book a call to discuss the best options for you and where you’re at in your business, get in touch!

Sassy Start-up includes

  • Private Business Analysis 1:1 Call so I can understand where you are and where you want to be in your business. (60-mins)
  • 10 x Business Training Modules Plus 2 x Juicy Bonus Modules
  • 24 x Group Coaching Calls (90-mins)
  • Private FB group and What’s App group for extra support
  • Investment pay in full £3000
  • Or 6 x £550 payment plan
  • Welcome Prep For Success Packet
  • 12 x Business Modules
  • 24 x Group Coaching Calls
  • FB private group and What’s App group for extra support
  • Investment pay in full £3500
  • Or 6 x £625 payment pla
If you’d like the full detailed outline of the programme, to find out more please

book your one-to-one call


“Chloe is a very talented, skilful and intuitive coach. She helped me grow immensely.

She knows how to listen, inspire, hold the space and hold you accountable.  Her insight and ability to see my strengths, gifts and talents is invaluable. She believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. She encouraged me to explore options and ideas I otherwise wouldn’t have had the confidence to.

Her unique coaching technique brought out the gems out of me I didn’t know I had.  She is business minded and very compassionate. She not only helped me to create a vision for my business, take action and be more visible, but helped me to stay strong and supported me during the period when my mother had a stroke and passed away 10 months later. I will be forever grateful.

I had a real support system and someone who cared about my wellbeing and kept me on track to achieving my business goals.”

Vilma Skersyte:
Life Coach for Women

“Working with Chloé has truly been a life-changer. Not only is she a skilled and supportive listener who knows how to powerfully hold space for others but she has the ability to ask just the right questions that take you to a deeper level of understanding and awareness.

She’s highly trained in a number of coaching techniques and knows exactly how to coach you through whatever you need. Her insights have helped me take my business to a completely new level and I feel more confident, empowered, and my business is thriving!”

Lauren Lapointe
Business & Success Coach. Tallahassee, FL, USA