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Coach for Money Mindset

Transform your relationship with money, unlock your wealth potential, become a money magnet and attract your next level of abundance in your business in this 12-week intensive money mindset makeover mastermind.

Are you a female founder, passionate about what you do yet fed up of overworking and undercharging?

Do you shrink back when it comes to selling your services with confidence?

Does it feel as though you’re hitting a glass ceiling instead of your financial goals?

Are you fed up of the hustle and grind and wonder if you’ll ever breakthrough to the other side?

If so, you’re not alone.

Many incredibly smart, talented and experienced female business owners just like you, struggle with the same thing!

Limiting and sabotaging money patterns can be so deeply ingrained that we’re mostly unconscious to them… Until we start a business!

This was an area that I had to work on extensively to heal and transform.

I learned to cultivate a healthy and empowered mindset around money, the tools to heal my relationship with money, create new energetic associations with money and master the business essentials so I no longer felt stuck in limiting cycles in my business and instead started up-levelling this area.

I started out as a coach charging £30 per hour to now selling 5-figure programmes.

It’s not just my passion, it’s my purpose to empower women, like you, to create a business you love, own your value and power, make the money you deserve so you’re supported in making a big difference in the world through your business.

And live your best life!

Get ready to master your money mindset, shift and heal your money blocks, reinvent your relationship with money in a deep, meaningful and powerful way so you start activating your money flow, attract the business and make the money that you deserve!

In this intimate 90-day mastermind, you’ll receive elite-level coaching, healing and money mindset mentoring to transform your money mindset to set you and your business up to thrive and experience financial success.

We’ll dive deep into the three essential areas to trigger your money transformation: money plan, money mindset and money energetics.

Each month will be dedicated to one of these key areas.

You’ll get crystal clear on your money goals and purpose, offering, price points and aligned strategy, with me by your side zoning in to make sure every part of it is aligned with you.

This will empower you to magnetise your dream clients, more sales and aligned opportunities.

You’ll identify and shift the limiting money beliefs, stories that keep you stuck at set-points, uncover the blindspots and secrets to your money patterns and cultivate a new, healthy, empowering mindset that aligns with your next level, using unique powerful processes, involving EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

By tapping into and igniting your desires, you’ll start to expand your capacity to receive, stretch and break through your money set-points and own your value so you charge with confidence.

We’ll then work together to rewire and heal your money energetics, clear money traumas, deep subconscious blocks so you replace restriction and worry with an abundant money mindset, energy and financial success so you experience financial flow, greater ease, relaxation and abundance in your business.

By the end of the programme you’ll feel magnetic and open to attract and align with your next level of wealth and thrive in your entrepreneurial ventures.

With just six spots on the programme, you’ll receive elite-level coaching, mentoring and intuitive healing, my unconditional support and personalised attention within a small group, and the opportunity to work one-to-one with me in this transformational setting.

You’ll be part of a supportive and high-vibe collective of women where every woman will be encouraged and celebrated every step of the way to achieving her goals.

Let’s do this!

Step One: Discover Your Sacred Money Archetype ®
Once you discover your Archetype you’ll be able to breakthrough money blocks, run
your business in a way that naturally aligns with your unique personality and unlocks
your most authentic path to wealth.

Step Two: Pinpoint Your Money Blocks & Beliefs
Pinpoint the specific limiting money beliefs, blocks and patterns that hold you back in your business and discover where they came from so you can transform them into an empowering belief system that supports you.

Step Three: Set Empowering Money Goals, Price Points & Get Clear On Your Biz Plan!
Money loves a purpose! Get clear on your money goals, price points and explore the best business model that aligns with your archetype, vision and create an exciting plan to bring it into reality.

Step Four: Create a New Connection with Money
Heal money traumas and painful associations related to money that have been subconsciously wired into your nervous system. Clear the energetic blocks that block you from receiving and rewire and cultivate a new relationship and energy with money.

Step Five: Break Through Your Money Ceiling, Ignite Your Desires and Expand Your Capacity to Receive
Stretch your set points for what you can ask for and receive so you can confidently charge for your services and allow more ease, pleasure and reward into your life and business without limits and sacrifice. Money gets to be pleasurable

Step Six: Embody Your Sacred Money Archetype® Step into your most magnetic YOU – attract more money and clients with ease
Get comfortable with owning your power and most attractive qualities so you can step up and become a magnet for more opportunities, clients, money and ease.

Money Mindset Makeover includes

  • Private 1:1 Sacred Money Archetype Analysis (75-mins)
  • 6 x Money Mindset workbooks
  • 16 Group Coaching Calls (90-mins)
    Includes 6 x Live Calls and 6 x follow-on calls
  • 1 x Private Money Block Clearing Coaching Session with me (75-min)
  • Investment pay in full £2000
  • Or 4 payments of £550
  • Private welcome call so I can find out where you most desire to be by the end of the programme and hold you accountable.
  • 6 x Money Mindset workbooks
  • 12 Group Coaching Calls (90-mins)
    Includes 6 x Live Calls and 6 x follow on calls
  • 3 x private 1:1 High-Level Coaching Calls
  • Investment pay in full £2000
  • Or 3 payments of £695
If you’d like the full detailed outline of the programme, to find out more please

book your one-to-one call


“Chloé has helped me immeasurably. No matter what the subject, she has a skill of being able to get to the heart of the matter and see things in a way you hadn’t considered. Her EFT sessions have tackled my mindset, money blocks, and seen me through some difficult times in my life like overcoming PTSD.

Her warm personality and encouraging approach instantly put you at ease but don’t let that fool you – she knows her stuff, will incite action and will make a tangible difference to your life.”

Emma Amoscato:
Founder & CEO of SMILE, Author of Living With Allergies

“Its so easy to get bogged down with the day to day and to lose focus on what it is that you really want to achieve as an individual. Coaching with Chloé gave me that laser focus that I needed.

After just my first coaching session with Chloe I was able to see results instantly. My career has been turbo charged and is rapidly moving forward in the direction that I want it to be.

I lost 40lbs and gained a 40% increase in my salary – having that vision and achieving it has given me a confidence in myself that is priceless. Coaching with Chloé has literally changed my whole life.

I am now three dress-sizes smaller than I was when we first started and everyone I know has noticed a marked change in my level of confidence and appearance. Even though my commitments outside the family home are many, my coaching sessions have enabled me to continue to nurture this side of my life, which in many cases can get neglected when trying to establish yourself as a professional.”

Angelina Blackwood Hernandez:
HR Business Partner at Imperial College