If you’ve set yourself a goal for the year, have you taken a moment to check-in on how you really feel about it?

For example, if you’ve recently set yourself a goal you want to achieve this year do you feel excited by it? Do you feel motivated? Does it feel like the right goal for you? Or is there some resistance? Some anxiety?

When you set a goal that brings up conflicting emotions then it’s a great opportunity to explore a little deeper what’s going on with you beneath the surface.

Perhaps a big part of you really wants this goal but then there’s this niggling feeling or a nagging voice in the background holding you back from giving it all you’ve got.

What blocks our progress far more than any outer obstacle is our internal ‘junk’.

So what I mean by this? I’m talking about the excuses, the limiting beliefs, the fears, or old stories that keep us stuck.

If you feel even some slight resistance, here’s a really simple and effective way of identifying the ‘junk’ around your goal.


Write it down, say it out loud and pay attention to what comes up…

How does it feel? Are you 100% in alignment with it? Does it feel good? Does it feel exciting when you talk about your goal?

Or is there a part of you that doesn’t feel ready, doesn’t feel it’s possible. What does that tiny voice in the back of your head say? What are your concerns?

Is it encouraging you and cheering you on as you say your goal? Or do you feel some anxiety or resistance around it?

The most important thing is to acknowledge the truth of how you really feel and write it down.

Too often, we silence the uncomfortable feelings, doubts or fears brushing them under the carpet rather than trying to understand ourselves better and getting to heart of what is holding us back.

When we don’t acknowledge the truth of how we truly feel and we deny our real feelings, the junk doesn’t disappear – WE get stuck.

We also deny ourselves the chance to address and process what’s really going on and GROW from the experience.

When we’re willing to face the issues, big or small, we start the process of clearing out our mental and emotional space. This is where inner-outer transformation begins and is a valuable part of your self-discovery process.

So what is the junk around your goal and how is it holding you back?

Whatever comes up, ask yourself: is it really true?

If you’d like help to gain clarity or any issue that is causing you emotional overwhelm then don’t hesitate to contact me for a free consultation.

Wishing all the best for 2016 and much love,

ChloeSignature xo