Think about your various roles and identities.

Which ones work for you? Which ones constrain you?

Having coached many people from all walks of life over the years, I’ve found that there are three roles that commonly hold people back.

These deplete your energy, sap your personal power, keep you playing small and stuck where you are. If you want to reclaim your strength and stand in your personal power it’s time to step out of these roles.


If you are someone who allows your inner critical voice eat away at you then you are contributing to knocking your self-esteem. If not kept in check, it can develop into an ingrained habit.

By changing your tone and the way you talk to yourself and by becoming your greatest supporter in life you’ll see an improvement in your confidence, emotional wellbeing and success.



Do you constantly judge yourself around others, putting pressure on yourself to do and say the right thing? Judging ourselves can lead to self-defeating behaviours such as approval seeking, putting our needs last and can also lead to high levels of anxiety.

Evaluate the standards by which you are judging yourself. Are they your values, your parents’, those of your social circle or your faith? By freeing yourself of judgments, you create room to love, value and accept yourself exactly as you are. This will melt away tension and anxiety and build your self-assuredness.



There is no disqualifying the hurts and pains of your past. But by replaying the victim, assigning blame and making excuses, you are keeping yourself stuck and relinquishing your power – the power you need to take control of your situation.

While we may not have control over everything in our lives, we have control over our reactions and responses in what we do and how we handle things. Make a conscious decision to try a new way of thinking, empower yourself with “I can” and “I will” statements and take small steps to move you from pain to power.


By stepping out of these roles you liberate and empower yourself to take responsibility for your own happiness by choosing a better outcome.


Which roles are not serving YOU? Which ones are you READY and WILLING to let go of? If you liked this post or found any of my tips helpful, join me on my Facebook page and share your thoughts with me. Follow me on Twitter to get regular tips and regular doses of inspiration.

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