Do you feel bored, stuck or unhappy in your career or other area of your life? Do you tone down, hide or play smaller than you are at work or any other area of your life, choosing to blend in instead of standing out? 

If so, you may be repressing your most authentic YOU!

Your creative expression is what sets you apart – it’s what makes you YOU!

If you want to succeed in today’s world – make an impression: get creative, take up space and speak up!

Creative expression is the currency of today. We currently live in a world that is being driven by creative ideas and if you’re not acting out your creative desires then chances are you may be feeling unfulfilled AND not fully achieving your potential!

Creative expression = Creative expansion

When you tap into your creative genius you reactivate the right side of your brain and start to feel more alive, more connected, more engaged. AND your life starts to thrive and expand in new ways!

Your creative expression IS the secret to your success – whether it’s in your career, business, relationships or any other area of your life!

So if you’ve been keeping the creative expressions of YOU hidden away, then it’s time to unlock your hidden treasures.


1) Identify areas of your life where you feel stuck. Are there parts of your life where you are not fully creatively expressing yourself? Do you get to act out your unique talents and skills in your career? Are you expressing your fun and playful side in your relationships or in your style and dress? Does your home reflect your personality? Which hobbies indulge the aspects of you that no one else sees?

2) Start exploring the secret sides to yourself that you may be repressing. If you had five other lives to lead, what would you do? Select one this week and take a step in the direction of living that life this week. For example, if it’s to act on stage, go see a show, join an acting class or connect with other like-minded individuals – take small steps to explore the things that ignite that spark in you!

3) What do you want to create? Have a creative vision that sets your desires on fire! Find your pull! Get clear on what you want to create in your life that would make you feel more alive! When you have a bold challenge you fire up your bigger desires in life and you’ll no longer have to push yourself to get out of bed in the mornings. 

4) Find your voice. How are you expressing YOU? Your creative expression is your unique voice so share it with the world!

  • What are your ambitions and dreams, your hopes and desires?
  • Are you sharing that enough with people? How are you expressing that?

The more you express yourself authentically, the more engaged you feel with the world and the more the world engages with you! You’ll never be able to drive your life, career or business forward if you’re holding yourself back.

Remember, you are the deliberate creator of your life!

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