How we choose to start our day and the daily habits we cultivate, set the tone for the rest of our day!

Taking some time for yourself, before diving into your work day, is essential not just for your energy, focus and productivity but for your wellbeing.

Maintaining my high-vibes is key to running my business, showing up for my clients, being there for my family so I make this is a non-negotiable.

My gift for myself each day (once I’ve dropped my daughters off to school) is to enjoy a long walk or run around my favourite park before I work on a creative project, do my marketing or work with a client.
I move my body, soak in the beauty of nature (I mean look at these Autumn leaves! 💖), feed my soul and I’m filled up, ready to give my best and it’s feels like such a win for me.

When you envision the most radiant version of you, and how she starts her day, shows up in her life and business, and how she interacts with people…

🍁 What is her morning routine?

🍁 What are the daily habits that are a non-negotiable for her, in supporting her to be her most healthy, happy, vibrant, most productive and successful version of herself?

🍁 What daily mantra does she affirm to herself at the start, and throughout the day?

I’d LOVE to hear them! Please share in the comments!