There’s never going to be the ‘perfect time’ to start a business or take that leap you’ve been putting off.

Eleven years ago, I went through a very painful period in my life where everything as I knew it fell apart around me. I then found out I was pregnant and lost my father.

It was a massive wake up call! It was at that time that I also discovered my purpose and I decided to stop faffing around and invest in my dream of becoming a coach and start my own business… at 4 months pregnant! (and with little money in the bank!).

And I’ve never looked back. While I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs, I’ve learned that life’s definitely too short to settle or faff!

Here’s My Top 10 Life’s Too Short To…

✨ Hold yourself back from going for that big dream and fulfilling your potential.

✨ Beat yourself up for not doing enough, having enough, being enough.

✨ Live according to (someone else’s) rigid rule book of who you can and cannot be.

✨ Continuously strive and only schedule in fun and reward once you’ve proved you’ve hard-earned it (and bordering on burn-out!).

✨ Stay in a job or relationship that doesn’t make you happy but resentful.

✨ Deny yourself the joy of experimenting and exploring new things.

✨ Hide your true gifts and talents, not fully express who you are, stay invisible.

✨ Not start your own business when you have a burning passion and desire to give it a try.

✨ Allow fear to hold you back.

✨ Not say ‘I love you’ to the people you love on a continuous basis.

Our time here on this planet is so precious, don’t waste a moment! 💖

👉 What are your ‘Life’s too short to(s)…’ I’d love to know! 😊 Let me know in the comments!! 👇

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