Is there an event in your life, where you look back and say, “If only that didn’t happen, I’d be SO much further ahead!”

As I prepare for my Money Mindset Mastermind group this week, we’re continuing to dive deep and over the next two weeks we’ll be clearing and healing money and goal traumas and recreating new neural pathways to create a new money reality! ✨

Our ability to make money in our business goes SO much deeper than we think!

This is why positive mantras don’t work because if you want to truly integrate a new belief system at a cellular level we must first clear out and heal past trauma for a new wealth conscious mindset to really land, shift energy and inspire new action.

Believe it or not, on some level, we’ve ALL experienced money or a goal trauma.

This will relate to a time in your life when you were open, full of eagerness, passion, enthusiasm, hope and going for your BIG dreams… you strived to make it happen, you really wanted it and then… it didn’t happen, or something bad happened instead.

The result?

👉 Less belief and trust in yourself,

👉 Questioning if the universe really does have your back,

👉 More skepticism and less faith that you’ve got what it takes to bring your BIG goal into reality

👉 Your subconscious subtly whispering, ‘remember what happened last time!’

👉 Taking one step forward and two steps back

✨ Not only does this hold you back your business, but in your money! ✨

Yet when you clear these out, you open yourself up to a whole new energy and money reality…

Just two weeks in and these game-changing ladies are digging deep and already experiencing shifts! One’s landed a paid TV show and another’s secured £30K!! YES YES YES!!! 🙌🔥

If you feel as though you’re hitting against an invisible set-point when it comes to your money or business or shrinking back when it comes to taking your next big action step or charging your worth, then let me help you.

NO MORE tolerating not making the money you deserve in your biz!

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