Is your life, career, business or relationships flourishing? Or are areas in your life lacking, neglected and craving attention?

We are all creators of our lives – either we take action to create the lives we want or we create our lives by default. If we want to transform the landscape of our lives, then we need to plant and cultivate the seeds for positive change.

“Your mind is the garden, your thoughts are the seeds, the harvest can either be flowers or weeds.” William Wordsworth

For your life, career, business or relationships to blossom, you’ve got to sow the right seeds, create the right conditions and weed your mind as you would your garden. Take time to nourish and nurture your mind to ensure it’s in a healthy state whatever the weather.

What seeds do you want to plant?

How do you want your life, career, or relationships to flourish? Just as a gardener visualises the garden he wants to create, take time to visualise the outcome you want. What seeds need to be planted to create your ideal life?

Spot the weeds and pull them out.

Negative beliefs, like weeds, take up valuable space. So if these are your dominant thoughts then the faster you pull them out and dispose of them, the better. Positive seeds need room to grow. By shifting from negative patterns of thought, you start to allow positive momentum.

Start expecting things to go well.

Start expecting things to go well instead of imagining the worst and you’ll immediately notice how you start to feel different – lighter, happier, less anxious. By doing this, you automatically create the right environment for these seeds to thrive and attract more opportunities, the right people and all the wonderful things that are waiting to enter your life.

Let your new beliefs be your sunshine.

Seeds take time to blossom. Like all new beliefs and habits – it takes practice for this to become your new norm. Allow these positive beliefs to really sink in and make you feel good. By replacing unhealthy habits, beliefs with new positive ones, you’ll feel good more often, give off positive vibes and this will become your new reality.


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