The ultimate 10-month elite mastermind

If you want to rise to your fullest potential and learn how to master the unique sacred energies of your 7 chakras to manifest what you desire, welcome to my highest level mastermind.

This is a programme of self-mastery to unlock your personal power and become a highly conscious, successful and empowered feminine leader at the top of your field, enhancing your ability to understand yourself (and others) at the deepest levels.

Each chakra holds the key to unlocking and accessing our 7 levels of energy, consciousness, manifestation and mastery.

Many people are unaware that our chakras (our core energy centres than run through our body like a map and connect us with the Divine) directly relates to different areas of our life, business, ability to create success, joy and manifest.

This elite programme is designed for a select small group of spiritually aware and ambitious women who are ready to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment, feminine leadership and self-mastery to success.

It’s not a programme for everyone.

It’s for women who are ready to commit to their deepest inner healing work and experience real transformation from the inside-out.

It’s for those who want to rewire old patterns, rewrite the programming in each Chakra, unblock the areas in their lives that are stagnant and liberate themselves from a lifetime’s worth of emotional baggage.

This is for you if you’re ready to unlock and embody the most authentic, empowered and magnetic version of yourself.

I created this programme after embarking on a year-long transformational journey through the Chakras, experiencing powerful, mind-blowing breakthroughs, which led me to train as a Chakra Mastery Practitioner.

In this mastermind you’ll learn how to use your Chakras as a map to uncover and heal the blind-spots that keep you stuck in life or in business, take your power back, experience an energetic upgrade on all levels and become a powerful co-creator.

Limited to six women, you’ll be abundantly guided and supported in this intimate mastermind as I coach you step-by-step on this profound journey through the chakras.

You’ll experience powerful healing as a group and individually within the group on each call as I use unique processes to rebalance and heal your chakras and specific issues, using Chakra Mastery, EFT, NLP and high-coaching.

Here’s a brief outline:

Root Chakra: Presence and Power and Manifestation!
Are you ready, to walk into any room and people feel your presence and power, manifest powerfully and expand your ability to build wealth?

With a strong first chakra you’re able to stand strong in your powerful presence, magnetise, manifest (and hold) physical resources more powerfully, attract more opportunities and enjoy more vibrant health.

If you find yourself anxious, procrastinating, playing small, experience financial difficulties or weight issues, these are some of the root chakra issues.

Sacral Chakra: Passion, Desire, Sensuality, Unlock Your Magnetism and Ability to Receive
This is the most powerful Chakra to feel and call in your desires which is key to receiving more money, rewards, pleasure and channel your raw life-force energy that you need to fulfil your bigger mission.

We’ll also work through some of your deepest shadows (saboteur, the inner critic, the hedonist etc) which is where all of your power lies.
If you find it difficult to receive, work hard for so little, lack passion and energy, we’ll reignite your inner-fire.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Unshakeable Confidence, Charisma and Self-Worth, Leadership Energy, Take Bold Action
Do you want to step up more boldly in your business, take big action, earn more and feel comfortable being visible and seen as the real you?
This is where you’ll cultivate your leadership energy, own your worth and venture out of your comfort zone.

If you find it difficult to set boundaries, take action, experience power dynamics, burnout, visibility issues we’ll strengthen this chakra.

Heart Chakra: Magnetise and Connect With Your People and Purpose On Deeper Level
Do you want to attract and connect with your ideal clients, collaborations and community?

This is where potential and existing clients and people in and outside of your network fall in love with you and your services as you’re connected with your heart purpose and they feel magnetised towards you!

If you feel disconnected from people or your purpose, have a big inner critic, we’ll heal your heart so you can expand your ability to love, connect and magnetise.

Throat Chakra: Amplify Your Voice, Communicate Confidently, Share Your Message With The World
Do want to speak on stage, amplify your message or simply express yourself with greater clarity, creativity and confidence?

This is where you communicate and co-create powerfully, you’ll learn how to use your voice to become an impactful influencer.

If you have a fear of speaking, find it difficult to express yourself or communicate confidently, you’ll reconnect to your true authentic voice.

Third Eye Chakra: Open Your Eyes To Unlimited Possibilities and Opportunities
Ready to open new doors to exciting new possibilities and the unlimited opportunities that surround you?

Heighten your intuition, see the world through new eyes.

If you see lack and limitation, it’s time to see a world of abundance open up to you!

Crown Chakra: Deepen Your Connection To The Divine and Access Downloads
Ready to co-create at a whole new level and access your wisdom, your best ideas, and downloads?

This is where you strengthen your spiritual connection, feel supported and guided on your next steps on your path.

If you feel blocked and unable to tap into your inspiration we’ll work on opening up your direct connection to the divine.

Self-Mastery To Success includes

  • 34 Calls together: 20 x Specific Chakra Healing Processes (Includes deep Shadow work)
  • 14 x Personalised follow-on deep dive hot seat session (where I can work 1:1 with you within the group)
  • 90-min Masterclass: Make an impact with a Signature Talk & Own the Stage


  • 2 x Private Elite-Level Coaching Sessions with me
  • NEW: a Private 1:1 Full Spectrum Chakra Healing Sessions with an amazing healer
  • 7 x LIVE Extra Guest Expert Calls for each Chakra
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 7 x In-Depth Overview and Workbooks
  • Bonus audios
  • Investment pay in full £10K
  • Or 12 x monthly payments £875
  • 20 x Specific Chakra Healing Processes (Includes deep Shadow work)
  • 14 x Personalised follow-on deep dive hot seat session (where I can work 1:1 with you within the group)
  • 14 x Personalised follow-on deep dive hot seat session (where I can work 1:1 with you within the group)


  • 2 x Private Elite-Level Coaching Sessions with me
  • NEW 2 x Private 1:1 Full Spectrum Chakra Healing Sessions with an amazing healer
  • 7 x LIVE Extra Guest Expert Calls for each Chakra
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 7 x workbooks
  • Bonus audios
  • Investment pay in full £10K
  • Or 10 x monthly payments £1050
If you’d like the full detailed outline of the programme, to find out more please

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“Chloe’s Chakra mastermind Program was like finding the secret to life’s alignment!

Before diving into this transformative journey, I was stuck in a loop of frustrating patterns, hitting brick walls in my business and personal life. But Chloe’s program is the superhero cape I never knew I needed!

With her chakra mastery and ninja-like shadow work skills, Chloe led me through a rollercoaster ride of self-discovery and deep healing. Imagine shedding old programming like a snake shedding its skin, and emerging as the most authentic, magnetic version of you – ready to conquer the world!
The camaraderie in the elite mastermind group is like having a squad of Wonder Women cheering you on as you smash through barriers, let go of limiting beliefs and unlock your true potential.

If you’re tired of hitting snooze on your success alarm, answer the call for deep inner work with Chloe’s Chakra Program. Trust me, it’s the golden ticket to self-mastery and success – with a side of amusement guaranteed!”

Helen Chorley:
Property, Real Estate & Angel Investor, Speaker, Judge on 7 Series on Sky TV, Podcast Series The SHE Word, Board Advisor.

“I highly recommend the self-mastery to success course. With Chloé’s intuitive and gentle guidance in a supportive safe space, I was able to see myself from different angles and discover a whole new way of being. 

Going through each Chakra and how they relate to our personality made me understand where my hang ups came from, why I had the insecurities I had, which traumas affected me in what way. Instead of beating myself down subconsciously and living in a vicious circle, I was able to work through the traumas and heal myself.

Of course, it’s work in progress, probably a lifetime’s work but I am now equipped with the tools to work through my shadows and hold myself with love and compassion. This has made a huge difference in my life; I feel so much lighter, in tune with my true self, more confident to be me, unapologetically me.”

Amy Abob