“A self-assured woman who is in control of her life draws like a magnet.” Susan Jeffers

Make It Happen being this year’s theme for International Women’s Day in March, celebrating the social, economic and political achievements of women, make it the perfect month to review what you most yearn for in your life and take bold action steps towards making it happen for you.

Whether it’s more balance, greater self-expression in your life and career, deeper intimacy in your relationships, or making an impact in the world, it boils down to you to take action.

There are many facets to being a woman, which is why aside from the many roles that you may play in your life, it’s important to individuate and create a life where you have the full experience of being yourself.

This takes courage. Too often we hold ourselves back from pursuing our hopes, aspirations, dreams or purpose – in spite of many of our personal and professional accomplishments, experience and knowledge – we often tell ourselves we need to do more, be more or have more, secretly believing we are not enough as we are.

Yet when we don’t express our natural gifts and qualities or explore the paths we truly want then we deny our own rights and privileges. We feel frustrated and unfulfilled and our outer lives don’t match our inner potential.

We owe it to ourselves this month to reclaim our personal power and enact our own internal revolution, overthrow our inner critic, judge or victim that keeps us playing smaller than we are and courageously push through resistance to break through our internal glass ceiling. And more importantly, have fun doing it!

Here are my 5 steps to help you close the gap between your outer life and your inner potential:

1) Reconnect with the essence of who you are

Who you are today is not the same person you were five, three or even one year ago. Our lives change rapidly, we change and so do our aspirations and our values, which is why it’s important to regularly review whether our lives currently reflect who we are now.

To ensure you are being and expressing the most authentic you ask yourself, What am I yearning to:

• Experience?
• Express?
• Create?
• Contribute?

2) Celebrate ALL of who you are

Too often we strive for perfection and only celebrate our accomplishments instead of acknowledging ALL of who we are – our strengths and natural gifts, quirks, flaws and vulnerabilities.

When we have the courage to let the walls down, let go of trying to be perfect and embrace all of who we are, we cultivate the self-assurance we need to take action and draw the right people and opportunities to us.

3) Believe in yourself

We are a reflection of our thoughts. The beliefs we have about ourselves and the world around us shapes our lives and our future, which is why it’s essential to nurture positive beliefs about ourselves our abilities and our ideas.

To identify whether your beliefs help or hinder you, ask yourself:

• What beliefs do I have about myself that is holding me back?
• What beliefs do I have about the world that is holding me back?
• What beliefs do I need to have to create the life I want?
• What beliefs do I need to have about the world to support me in achieving my goals?

4) Cultivate your courage

Courage is cultivated by small daily practices. Like a muscle it needs to be exercised to develop and grow strong. One of the best ways to build your courage is to stretch out of your comfort zone and take a risk every day no matter how small.

Your courage allows you to grow as big and strong as you want to be, so whether you want to try a new hobby, write a book or start a business, it’s important to challenge your fears by exercising your courage on a daily basis.

If fear is holding you back, ask yourself:

• What reassurance do I need to feel safe? How can I give that to myself?

5) Take action & make it happen!

We are all here, on this planet to live our biggest brightest life and express the unique gifts and talents we were born with.

Set yourself a challenge this month. Go back to step one (Reconnect with the essence of who you are) and choose an area where you’d like to explore your deeper desires. Identify one action step you can take this week and for each week this month to express that creative side of yourself.

When you express the truth of who you are, your life begins to thrive!


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