✨ Remember that vision you have and who you dream of becoming? ✨

I believe every woman has a unique vision that’s meant for her, a purpose.

Yet sometimes we can get in our way, get stuck in our heads, then stuck in paralysis.
Some days you might be full of self-belief and showing up ON FIRE!!

… Then consumed with self-doubt and holding yourself back, wondering, “Is this ever going to happen?!”

This morning, I got my dose of Monday inspo reading Eckhart Tolle and just loved this…
“Don’t let a mad world tell you that success is anything other than a successful present moment.”

A great reminder that success is not a future event, it’s who we choose to BE in this moment.

We can all get caught up in future-tripping, and it just holds us back. So if that happens it’s a chance to remind yourself that…

Your power, (happiness and sanity!) is ALWAYS in the present moment.

So let’s start this week grounded and present.

✨ Breathing in clarity, calm and strength.
✨ And breathing out: anxiety, self-doubt and overwhelm.
Now tune into your VISION…

Breathe it in. Step into it.

👉 If you were to lean into your vision what small step could you take in bringing it to life this week?

👉 How will you share your beautiful gifts and talents, this week?

👉 Leaning into your vision of YOU, what qualities will you embody more of this week?

Share in the comments, I’d love to know!👇