“Our value is the sum of our values” Joe Batten

Are you living in alignment with what matters most to you? Or are you experiencing a conflict somewhere in your life?

Whenever, we feel stuck, stressed, angry or frustrated, often it’s a sign that either we are not honouring what we value most in our lives, someone else isn’t honouring our values or our environment is in conflict with them.

In her book, Coaching With Values, Lindsay West describes values as:

“…the deeply held principles that guide our choices, behaviours and influence our emotions. The fundamental things that need to be present and honoured in our lives for us to feel happy, fulfilled and satisfied.”

I love the way she explains the crucial difference between understanding your values, which gives you clarity and living your values, which brings you happiness.

Helping my clients reconnect with what they most value most in line with their goal is a critical starting point of their inner journey as they rediscover who they truly are, what makes them tick, what drives them and fills them with passion.

But identifying them is only the beginning. It’s only when we incorporate our core values in our lives through our daily habits, life choices and decisions that we feel alive, energised, a deep sense of happiness, wellbeing and greater ease as we’re being true to ourselves.

In essence, our core values are the measures we use to tell if our life is turning out the way we want it to or not. When we get sidetracked from what is truly important to us, we find ourselves on a path that doesn’t fit who we are and that takes us away from our goals.

Are you ignoring signs of stress, unease or frustration? What might these emotions be trying to tell you?

These signals – if we pay attention – can redirect us onto the right path.

If you feel disconnected, take some time out to tune into what you value most in your life, career, relationships, health or any other important area in your life and identify ways that you can bring them into alignment with your life choices.

There is power in every choice and action you make no matter how big or small. Each and every step moves you closer to your goals.

What matters most to you? Ask yourself:

  • What were the times when you were happiest?
  • What were you doing? Who were you with? What values were being honoured?
  • Think back to when you were last stressed, frustrated, unhappy or unfulfilled – which values were NOT being honoured?
  • What are your top 5 core values and how can you incorporate these in your daily living?

Honour your life by honouring your time and what you value most!

If you would like to move your life or career in a new positive direction and are interested in one-to-one coaching sessions – to help you gain clarity on where you want to be; discover your true strengths and values; create a valuable and inspiring goal and action plan to achieve it – then please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!

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