“Habits are powerful factors in our lives. Because they are consistent, often unconscious patterns, they consistently, daily express our character and produce our effectiveness… or ineffectiveness.” Stephen R. Covey

When we are more effective, we experience more joy, peace and ease as we achieve the results we want in our lives, careers or businesses. If you want to boost your personal effectiveness today then adopt these 10 simple and effective habits today.

1) Ground yourself daily and do what balances you: That way, if curve balls come flying your way, you’ll be better equipped to step back and not react. Be proactive instead of reactive. Stay aligned to your core values, that way you stand strong in your personal power.

2) Dream BIG: Spend a few moments in the morning to visualize your big goal and set your intention for the day. What are you working towards? What you want to achieve today? Are you living your life in line with your goals right now? If not, start walking the talk and experience how good it feels.

3) Be your own cheerleader: Support yourself with positive affirmations first thing in the morning and throughout the day that encourage you to stretch yourself and create the right opportunities to help you, your life, career or business grow.

4) Dress to impress (yourself) daily: Everyday is an opportunity to feel your best, look your best and express your style and irresistibility to the world – you’re worth it! When you respect yourself, others follow your lead.

5) Make it Your Business To Shine: Showcase your talent, express your potential and rise to the top. Aim to exceed all expectations on a daily basis and you’ll find more clients, love and career opportunities flowing your way.

6) Think win/win: When we approach life and relationships with an abundant attitude – there are no losers just winners, more opportunities, solutions, healthy collaboration, respect and growth.

7) Listen well: The real art of communication lies in the ability to listen well – and to the things that are not being said. People greatly value being heard and understood. Give that gift to others and you’ll see the rewards return to you multiplied in your relationships, career or business.

8) Connect with people who nourish you: Good conversation stimulates the mind and good rapport feeds the soul. Surround yourself with people who nourish you, inspire you, people who make you feel good just by being in their company and with whom you can be yourself.

9) Be open and kind: Smile, say hello to the world, be kind to people and generous with your compliments. Be open to chance meetings and conversations. When you’re open you attract more opportunities and the right people into your life, career or business.

10) Be curious and open to learning something new every day: At the end of the day, ask yourself: What did I learn about myself, about others, and the world today?


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